Rental Requirements

Rental Requirements

Thank you for your interest in our rental homes. Though we judge each application on its own merit, there are some general guidelines that we follow.

Rental Applicants:

  1. Employment and Income - The monthly rent typically needs to be less than 40% of gross income. Example: If your household makes a combined $3,000/month (from all sources- child support, social security, etc.), your rent would need to be 40% or less of that ($1,200).
  2. Rental History - We contact your past 2 landlords to see if you paid on time and left the property in good condition.
  3. Credit Check - We look at your current debt level. Generally, we do not judge the score alone because we understand that often the credit score is not an accurate indicator of your rental worthiness. We believe that sometimes bad things happen to good people.
  4. Criminal Background Check - We do not rent to people who have committed violent crimes.

These are the 4 criteria that we factor into our decision for approval. Often times, we will ask for additional security deposit or months of up front rent (especially if you are moving here and do not have employment yet) if one of the above areas is not sufficient.

More Information

This is a general outline of our rental applicant criteria. We do judge each application on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us or call us directly at (704) 370-6419.